What is reality? What is created?
Why do we live by any terms other than those that fulfill and satisfy us?

A long time ago my dream was to create a life I loved living and to share it abundantly with the people who meant the world to me. I have tried very hard to remain faithful to myself and to those I am entrusted to care for. I've made a few mistakes. I've mostly learned from them. I've taken the long way when it wasn't always necessary. I went through a period of avoiding humanity as much as possible. I came back to a place where I realized I loved adventures and connection more than I had remembered in a long time. I am, at my core, an intensely creative and sensual being. I need to get messy. I need to taste, smell, see, hear, and feel life. I LOVE good food, good drink, good music, good art, good stories, deep breaths, nature, architecture, history, dreams, and new beginnings.  I love being in love with my partner, my children, my dogs, my art, my community, my faith, my world, and the whole universe. 

I cannot tell you how many times within my 5+ decades I have been told, "that's not real life."

Somehow... it works for me.

My art tells my stories.

I am honored and blessed if it connects with yours as well.